Welcome to Fly2 Tandemflights

The dream of flying.

It will leave you with a feeling of freedom and happiness. Flying with a Professional Pilot from the top of the summit into the valley is an unforgettable experience. Fulfill your dream of flying by calling or writing an e-mail to us. We will look after you.


Requirements for Flying

To enjoy a tandem-flight as a passenger, no prior experience is necessary. You only need to be able to walk upright and run a view meters for the take-off.

Requirements in detail:
- Weight-range 25 -120 kg, if you are not within this weight-range, please inform us, so we can make adjustments to the equipment.
- There is no age limit.
- You have to be able to run with the pilot a view meters until take off.

Should you have any physical or mentally disabilities, we should know about, please contact us to insure that flying is possible.

Equipment for passengers:
You should be dressed according to the weather-conditions. Whilst flying the air temperature is similar to the take-off point temperature( our speed is approximately 40 km/h.)Suitable footwear is required for take-off and landing e.g.: street shoes or boots (no flip-flops or sandals).
We also recommend sunglasses.

Application flow


At the take-off area you will be given instructions on the proceeding flight. After the passenger and pilot are equipped with harness and helmet, the preparations for the flight begin. A final equipment check is given, then the pilot and passenger begin their take-off with several steps, depending on the wind conditions this can be up to 20 meters.


In comfortable sitting position in front of the pilot you are enjoying the amazing views out of the cockpit. Gliding approximately 40 km/h through the air. During the flight you can discuss with the pilot either choosing a gentle gliding flight or experience rapid curves and spirals.


The landing is soft and uncomplicated. Still sitting and relaxed in the harness with legs raised, we gently touch down. After the flight we then take a view minutes to restore and pack our equipment into the back bags.

Depending on the flight and flight area the duration of the flight is between 30 minutes - two hours.